creating green pathways for heavy trucking


creating green pathways for heavy trucking



funding infrastructure for the shared economy.

Through investments in GreenLine, Essar is pioneering LNG powered heavy trucking, enabling businesses and industries to significantly reduce greenhouse emissions in their logistics.  

Bringing smart, green mobility in India, GreenLine’s fleet of LNG powered trucks enable corporates to decarbonise their heavy trucking, reduce toxic emissions, improve their ESG performance and reap economic benefits.

going green

  • Enabling businesses to significantly lower their greenhouse gas emissions
  • Switching from diesel to LNG for trucking can reduce 30% CO2, 70% CO, 100% SOx, 91% particulate matter and 30% noise pollution


  • A pioneer in LNG powered heavy trucking
  • Cutting edge technology for transparency, visibility and control
  • Plans to deploy 10,000 LNG powered trucks in the next three years

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