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enabling pace of business

essar ports​

enabling pace of business



funding infrastructure for the shared economy

Essar Ports is fast developing high-impact infrastructure and ecosystems for India’s fast-transforming logistics sector. The company operates a 20 MTPA terminal at Salaya, India, and also has presence in Canada. In alignment with the Essar commitment to discover bold, new horizons for equitable growth, it has seen investments worth US$ 1.5 bn+ to build terminals totalling 168 MTPA capacity.

Having set industry benchmarks in logistics excellence owing to operational efficacy and best-in-class technology, Essar Ports is now poised to unlock inorganic growth. The company will look at acquisitions, diversification into new cargo, and entry into total logistics; it will seek to establish a seamless new world that better aligns businesses, markets, and communities.

going sustainable

  • Entering total, integrated logistics to optimise operations intelligently across the value chain
  • Investing in state-of-the-art technology to unlock capacity scaling in a sustainable manner
  • Strengthening global networks for carbon-conscious supply chains


  • Serving as one of fastest growing private sector ports company in India and overseas
  • Establishing high-capacity terminals with rapid expansion potential to aid next level of growth for the economy
  • Ensuring fastest turnaround owing to high mechanisation and technology usage

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