ksa - flat steel

advancing transformation

ksa - flat steel​

advancing transformation​



Accelerating energy transition, climate smart and sustainable businesses

KSA Flat Steel complex highlights Essar’s commitment to redefining sector capabilities for people and their economy. The company represents a 4 MTPA state-of-the-art integrated steel plant in Ras-Al-Khair in Saudi Arabia. Spread over 315 hectares, the largest Flat Steel complex in the MENA region, it features exemplary plant configuration with flexibility to produce a wide range of flat rolled steel products. The asset is set to be a showcase of a decarbonisation-conscious facility redefining the possibilities associated with Flat Steel production.

going sustainable

  • Investing in future-ready facility
  • Equipping facilities with by-product heat recovery systems and CCUS systems for lower CO2 generation


  • Serving as the largest Flat Steel complex throughout the MENA region; to bring down Saudi Arabia’s current import volume of 50% of its demand
  • Benefitting from brilliant connectivity to utilities

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