eet hydrogen

building green fuel hubs

eet hydrogen

building green fuel hubs



accelerating energy transition, climate smart and sustainable businesses

EET Hydrogen, is a leading player in energy transition, and is developing one of the first large scale, low carbon hydrogen production hubs in the world. The company will produce (in its initial phases) 1,350MW of hydrogen capacity at Stanlow (United Kingdom), which will be more than enough to power a city like Liverpool. It further plans to produce ~4,000MW of low carbon hydrogen by 2030, which would be ~40% of the UK Government’s 10GW target. EET Hydrogen is an integral part of HyNet, one of two initial ‘Track 1 clusters’ for industrial decarbonisation selected by the UK Government.

going green

  • Capturing some 2.5 million tonnes of carbon per annum – equivalent to taking 1.1 million cars off the roads and reducing regional industrial emissions by around 15%
  • Enabling businesses to switch from fossil fuels to low carbon energy
  • 1,350 MW of clean hydrogen capacity enough to power a city like Liverpool


  • Investing ~£1 billion pounds in the UK’s largest industrial region (the North-West)
  • Building 1,350MW of low carbon hydrogen capacity, with plans to scale it up to ~4,000MW
  • Poised to meet ~40% of the UK government’s 10GW target for low carbon hydrogen

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