transforming our business

because if we change, the climate won't

transforming our business

because if we change, the climate won't

our focus

We are fast-aligning our businesses to the needs of a low-carbon economy. In each of the sectors where we are present, we are optimising and enhancing our operations to reduce Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 emissions. We are heavily investing in technology and innovation that will fast-track our journey to Net Zero Carbon goals. All our assets and supply chains are being tracked, reviewed, and recalibrated periodically to meet interim milestones and unlock sustainable transformation.

our focus - transforming our bus

our goals

Inspiring industry-wide transition with integrated clean Energy solutions

  • Transform the solutions landscape with sustainable fuels and renewables at scale
  • Evolve EET Fuels operations to set precedent for green refineries across geographies
  • Play a significant role in driving United Kingdom’s (UK) transformation to a hydrogen-based economy

Unlocking resilience and sustainable growth for industry supply chains with Metals & Mining

  • Build energy-compliant state-of-the-art steel plants for sustainable production that set global benchmarks
  • Provide sustainably-sourced, high grade green iron ore pellets across India and the United States at matchless costs

Accelerating value-centric growth with technologically-advanced Infrastructure ecosystems and platforms

  • Inspire global possibilities by building the largest independent hydrocarbon terminals business in North-West Europe
  • Build mega projects and critical EPC infrastructure globally to unlock an equitable future

Bringing alive a high-agility business environment with intelligent Technology & Retail solutions

  • Build secure technology environments for data-driven commerce and communities
  • Create end-to-end integrated platforms and systems for seamless operations and a robust economy

our journey

Transformation has always been at the core of our business decisions; we have always approached it in the context of economies’ and communities’ evolving needs. Over the decades, this has seen us develop infrastructure at scale, set the pace for energy production and distribution, and invest in end-to-end integration capabilities across sectors.