blue energy motors

reimagining energy for people and planet

blue energy motors

reimagining energy for people and planet



accelerating energy transition, climate smart and sustainable businesses

Blue Energy Motors (BEM), is our investment in building a zero-emission truck technology start-up that can disrupt heavy-duty trucking. BEM creates a clean alternative for the carbon-heavy and diesel-driven sector, and provides an immediate solution while ensuring sustained economic returns. The company’s disruptive business model enables customers to introduce next-generation truck technology into their fleets, enabling their transition into green transportation solutions.

going green

  • Aim to be a ‘zero-emission’ truck technology company
  • LNG trucks can reduce 30% CO2, 70% CO, 100% SOx, 91% particulate matter and 30% noise pollution
  • In the journey to being net-zero in long haul transport, LNG is an apt transition fuel and comes with proven technology worldwide


  • India’s first heavy-duty LNG trucks
  • Installed capacity of manufacturing 10,000 trucks per year

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