essar minmet

better steel for better days

essar minmet

better steel for better days



accelerating energy transition, climate smart and sustainable businesses

Tomorrow’s communities should not have to choose between growth and good. Essar Minmet is aiding the steel industry in its critical journey to such a landmark milestone. Its high-grade DR and BF iron ore pellets are produced using state-of-the-art technology. The company, focused on catering to the industry’s decarbonisation, is poised to meet the growing needs of the Indian steel industry, the second largest producer, and the global demand for EAF-produced steel.

going sustainable

  • Leveraging environment-friendly technology, like slurry pipeline and return water line, for lower emissions and cleaner operations
  • Identifying strategic locations for pellet-making and beneficiation plants for low carbon transportation


  • Establishing a 14 MTPA project plant capacity
  • Fulfilling the growing global and India-specific demand for pellets
  • Implementing a low-cost, high-grade iron ore pellet production model

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