essar projects

accelerating on turnkey goals

essar projects

accelerating on turnkey goals



funding infrastructure for the shared economy

Furthering the Essar vision for inclusive, high-impact growth, Essar Projects has been delivering innovative, mega EPC solutions. Its value-engineered approach has seen it bringing an owner’s perspective to delivery. The company has successfully shaped diverse core sectors for communities around the globe, including those associated with some challenging geographies of Africa and Australasia. Its cost-model analysis and total cost of ownership framework give Essar Projects the competitive advantage.

going sustainable

  • Bringing the EPC value chain in the realm of decentralisation and green operations
  • Implementing the most stringent industry standards for the health and safety of our people and planet


  • Executing projects worth US$ 10 bn across geographies over the last 5 decades
  • Building extensive labour management capabilities (as high as 25,000+ during peak at single site)
  • Delivering solutions pan scale, complexity, and sectors
  • Maintaining an asset-light model for efficient, low-risk execution

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