metals and mining

mining for change

metals and mining

mining for change

our pursuit

High-grade resources, produced in a sustainable manner, can engineer the world that future generations deserve. Our sector assets are poised for high-scale capabilities in the context of such resources across segments and geographies. Strategic business models and technology investments give us an edge in driving industry transition and growth.

Green Steel


Import substitution


our investments

our path

  • Presence at strategic locations with definite top-line and bottom-line benefits
  • Assets with proven high-volume reserves and market leadership opportunities
  • Scaling green transitions for long-term stability
  • Establishing a competitive edge in resource segments with local and global demand
  • Future-ready facilities and intelligent operations

our progress

  • Mesabi Metallics to pioneer low-cost DRI/HBI pellets in the U.S while driving industry transformation to Green Steel
  • PT MBL set to become a profitable asset from first year of operations; vast reserves of premium thermal coal poised to offer strong market advantage
  • Essar Minmet to capitalise on greater EAF production and subsequent demand for pellets in India and globally; invests in advanced technology for green operations
  • Saudi Dynamics to set up integrated plant and largest flat steel complex in MENA with best-in-class, future-ready technology

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