building green fuel hubs


building green fuel hubs



accelerating energy transition, climate smart and sustainable businesses

Biofuels are liquid fuels produced from renewable biological sources, including plants and algae. The fuel is renewable and is a promising solution to build a low carbon future. EET Biofuels aims to leverage biofuels for enabling energy transition. Essar will be investing in Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO), Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), Renewable diesel, and fulcrum projects to build a low carbon future.

going green

  • Biofuels through HVO, SAF and renewable diesel to help decarbonise investments


  • Building 1 MTPA of biofuels capacity across India and the United Kingdom.
  • To be the largest biofuels producer globally with products spanning Bio Diesel, HVO, SAF and Ethanol
  • Will leverage tankage network in Stanlow & EU to meet growing market demand

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