ruia family



The Ruias are the founding family of the Essar Group, which is one of India’s largest multinational conglomerates. Established in 1969 by brothers Shashi and Ravi Ruia, Essar began with modest ventures in construction, and later leveraged India’s liberalisation to expand into diverse industries. Today, the group has grown to operate across sectors including energy, infrastructure, metals & mining, and technology & retail. It is a global entity with an asset base of $9.6 billion and annual revenues of $15 billion.

Family Tree

The Ruia family consists of three generations involved in the business:

Family Members

Nand Kishore Ruia: The patriarch who laid the foundation for the family’s business ventures.

Shashi Ruia: Founder of Essar, Shashi has been instrumental in driving the company’s growth and diversification. He has served on various industry bodies and is known for his vision in infrastructure and industrial development.

Ravi Ruia: Alongside Shashi, Ravi founded Essar and expanded footprint globally. Ravi has played a key role in strategic decision-making and overseeing the group’s operations.

Prashant Ruia: Prashant is the son of Shashi Ruia and is Director – Essar Capital. He leads the Group through significant transformations and global expansions. With over four decades of experience, he continues to shape Essar’s strategic direction.

Anshuman Ruia: Son of Shashi Ruia, Anshuman is an integral part of the Essar Group’s leadership. He plays a crucial role in overseeing the group’s global ventures, especially in the infrastructure and technology sectors.

Rewant Ruia: Rewant is the son of Ravi Ruia and is involved in Essar’s mining, steel, and retail sectors. He brings a global perspective and fresh ideas to the family business, focusing on greenfield expansions and acquisition opportunities.

Smiti Kanodia: Smiti is the daughter of Ravi Ruia, and is actively involved in the Essar Group’s strategic and operational initiatives. She contributes to the group’s growth and development, focusing on aligning business strategies with modern sustainability and technological advancements.