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Health Camp at Chitrakonda in Malkangiri District, Odisha

6th & 7th December 2018

Chitrakonda is one of the remote areas of Malkangiri District in Odisha, which has been repeatedly hit by Maoist  and extremist groups.

Essar Foundation team reaches out to the population in the interior sections of Chitrakonda sector, with various social welfare initiatives.

Some of these villages such as Palankarai, Sarkubandha, Purnapani and Tatmanguda are the worst-hit Maoist areas and considered a migrant tribal belt. Due to the aggressive Maoists attacks, basic facilities of health, transportation, quality education is inaccessible to the population and doctors and other key service providers do not wish to serve in the area. People in the area suffer from Malaria, TB, water borne diseases, malnutrition and gynaecological health issues apart from other general ailments. To get basic medical aid, most patients have to travel all the way to Chitrakonda, braving some tough terrains! As the locals are daily wage labourers, a day’s trip to the nearest hospital often leads them to losing a day’s salary and paying for their travel etc. Medicines too are not easily available in the Government Hospital and due to high price, the locals are not in a position to purchase the medicines, which leads to discontinuation of treatment. On many occasions, there is a high risk of relapse of diseases like Malaria and Tuberculosis (TB).

Essar Foundation in partnership with the local District Hospital Team of Doctors, ANM and nurses reach out to these remote locations. The Foundation team has been working in these villages to provide better health care facilities. The health camps being conducted provide an opportunity to the villagers to get timely access to medical help and doctor consultations.

Since May 2018 to December 2018, Essar Foundation, has reached out and provided medical facility to a total of 2476 patients; 1073 males, 1032 females and 371 Children. The services provided in the camp include free consultations, check-ups and some medicines are also provided free of cost. Along with primary treatment, free pathological tests are also carried out for malaria and blood sugar levels. This initiative from Essar Foundation- Vizag operations team, reaches out to those who are almost “unreachable”.