placing people before profit


placing people before profit

our operations

A robust value system guides all our portfolio businesses. Each of our investments are defined and governed by shared regulatory, reputational, and risk standards. In each of the sectors and geographies where we are present, we adhere to globally benchmarked frameworks.

our focus

Our governance structure, frameworks, policies, and processes are centered around the following aspects to ensure compliance with the 17 global sustainable development goals:





responsible code of product

corporate policies

We conduct our business in a manner that is ethical, transparent, and fair to all stakeholders; our annual performance (link to annual reports) services as public testimony. Each of our portfolio assets adhere to comprehensive governance frameworks, standardised control and risk management processes, and stringent HSE policies. This holds true across sectors and geographies, including those that present high complexities.

our custodian

Essar’s business structure ensures that a professionally run and independent board decides the matters of their respective businesses. They are responsible for maintaining the highest standards in governance.

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