#EssarForHer – International Womens Day

This International Womens Day themed at DigitALL, highlights the crucial role of tech & digital education in promoting gender equality. Women of Essar got together in the spirit to celebrate #EssarForHer.
Our Sr. Director HR, Priya Chakravarty, opened the session with a humbling welcome note, followed by Smiti Kanodia sharing the life of the founding family and building opportunities in Essar from the ground-up. Ashna Ruia, the founder of fashion-tech start-up Leh Lah shared her experience of being a woman in the male dominated world of technology. Women at Essar got a dose of inspiration by the success stories of our remarkable guest speakers, Dr. Arti Singh, Additional Commissioner Of Police – Mumbai, multitalented Supreet Singh, Co-founder – Safecity.

Mrs. Madhu Ruia and Mrs. Vashudha Ruia graced the occasion in support of Women At Essar.

Their lives and journeys fuelled the floor with the zeal to do more. The event concluded by grooving over the iconic numbers of Bollywood and western music performed by an All Girls Band.

Everybody danced their way through International Women`s Day 2023 as we all believe it’s Women’s Day every day!

#EssarRadio: Special episode on the occasion of #InternationalWomensDay

This week, Essar Radio hosted a highly decorated social evangelist – Nabomita Mazumdar. She joined #EssarForHer celebrations and spoke in detail touching upon the narrative of DigitALL and inclusivity in tech.

As a tech savant, she shared how a spark of curiosity led her down the path of discovery of being an entrepreneur. She also spoke on challenges, a woman tech leader faces while building any product, service or community.

Nabomita is a speaker for the future of work, start-ups, women and business, technology, etc, and has received several acknowledgments and awards for her work. She currently is a board advisor at the Asian-African Chamber of Commerce & Industry and a founder of nabomita.com that is into building engagement with customers and stakeholders through offline and online communication.

#IWD2023 | Cooking Masterclass – Only For Men

As part of the #EssarforHer campaign leading up to International Women’s Day, we hosted a truly unforgettable experience for our male workforce. The masterclass was not just any ordinary cooking class but an opportunity for our men to immerse themselves in a world of flavor and learn an essential life skill with culinary finesse.

Under the guidance of the renowned Home Chef Brinda Begmohamed, our men honed their skills in creating an array of delectable dishes. From crafting a pasta salad to whipping up two types of dips and a mouth-watering dessert, our men were amazed by the delicious possibilities that lay before them.

But the class was much more than just a chance to develop their cooking skills. It was an opportunity for our men to deepen their understanding of the hard work that goes into something traditionally considered as a women`s job.

Chef Brinda’s wit and infectious enthusiasm brought the class to life, and the men were quick to engage with her and each other on the importance of gender sensitivity and empathy. As they chopped, mixed, and seasoned, they came to appreciate that cooking and cleaning were not simply “women’s work” but an essential part of any strong and healthy lifestyle.

At the end of the masterclass, our men proudly presented their dishes to Chef Brinda, who was blown away by their creativity and culinary prowess. They left the class with a newfound perspective and appreciation for women in their lives, armed with the skills to impress their partners and show their gratitude in a whole new way.