Essar Ports takes centre stage as Port Partner for the prestigious ET Infra Global Summit

Essar Ports associated with ET Global Ports and Shipping Summit 2023 as the Port Partner for the event. This high-profile event brought together key figures and experts to discuss the modernisation of Indian ports and the progress made under the Maritime India Vision 2030. The insightful panel discussion, moderated by P Manoj, Editor of ET Infra, The Economic Times, featured distinguished speakers, which included Rajiv Agarwal, MD & CEO of Essar Ports. He was joined by Sanjay Sethi, IAS, Chairman of the Jawaharlal Nehru Port Authority (JNPA); Rajiv Jalota, IAS, Chairman of the Mumbai Port Authority and Chairman of the Indian Ports Association; Saurabh Sood, Senior Transport Specialist from The World Bank; and, Supal Shah, CEO of Sarjak Container Lines and CEO of ARCON Container, and Saksham Group of Companies’ Group President for Strategy, Finance, and HR.

During this engaging discussion, Rajiv Agarwal highlighted the Indian government’s significant efforts to modernise port infrastructure. He emphasised the importance of initiatives such as Bharatmala, Sagarmala, Maritime India Vision 2030, Harit Sagar, and the Green Port Guidelines for Major Ports. These initiatives collectively reflect the government’s commitment to fostering maritime excellence and creating new opportunities in the sector.

One key focus of the panel discussion was the importance of multimodal connectivity projects. These projects are vital for enhancing hinterland connectivity and streamlining the evacuation of goods from ports and terminals through both road and rail networks. Efforts in this direction will not only improve logistics efficiency but also boost trade and economic growth.

The panel also delved into various initiatives, investments, and policy measures essential for modernising Indian ports. Leveraging technology for efficiency emerged as a crucial theme. Incorporating advanced technologies such as automation, digitisation, and data analytics can significantly enhance port operations and streamline processes.

Additionally, the discussion addressed key projects and advancements in port operations and development. Investments in infrastructure and the adoption of sustainable practices were highlighted as essential components of port modernisation.

In terms of policy measures, the panellists emphasised the need for a conducive regulatory environment that encourages private sector participation and investment. This will facilitate the development of world-class port facilities in India.

The future challenges and opportunities in the maritime sector were also explored. Climate change mitigation, environmental sustainability, and adapting to evolving global trade dynamics were identified as ongoing challenges. However, these challenges also present opportunities for innovation and growth.

Essar Ports’ participation as the Port Partner in the ET Global Ports and Shipping Summit 2023 underscored its commitment to India’s maritime development. The panel discussion shed light on the transformative initiatives, investments, and policies driving the modernisation of Indian ports, setting the stage for a more efficient and competitive maritime industry in line with the Maritime India Vision 2030.