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Essar Foundation wins ‘Best Corporate Foundation’ award at World CSR Congress

Over the last 50 years, Essar has worked closely with the communities residing in the vicinity of its operations. Since 2011, Essar Foundation has carried on the philanthropic work in a cohesive, programmatic manner. Its activities are inspired by the concept of shared value whereby Essar strives to build an inclusive environment for the communities.

Essar Foundation was awarded the “Best Corporate Foundation” at the 12th edition of World CSR Day and World CSR Congress recently. The award was conferred for the excellent work Essar Foundation has been doing in reaching out to people from the backward, poor and marginalised communities and the impact it has made in the community.

As World CSR Congress endeavours to showcase the good work done, they documented a list of organisations who have demonstrated capability and leadership for outstanding contribution to social causes and CSR efforts and made a meaningful difference to the society. Mr. Dominic DSouza, COO-CSR, Essar Foundation received the award on behalf of the Foundation.