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Public notice: False and fraudulent representations by miscreants for securing employment with Essar companies


In or about October 2014, certain instances had come to our notice wherein some miscreants, falsely representing themselves as the representatives of the HR Department of Essar, had addressed communications through emails carrying the trademark of Essar to the members of the public for job interviews in connection with securing employment with Essar Companies. In such communications, the miscreants had demanded from the candidates a refundable security amount for interview management. A promise was made to the candidates called for interviews that they would be reimbursed with the amount of expenditure incurred by them. Also, hotel facilities and local conveyance for each candidate and for one person accompanying the candidate were promised. All these communications were utterly false and mischievous in nature issued with the dishonest intention to defraud the members of the public at large. On coming to know of such instances, we had, vide our Public Notice dated October 01, 2014 warned the public at large that they shall not rely on or act upon such false and fraudulent representations of the miscreants through emails/other communications.

Despite our earlier aforesaid Public Notice dated October 01, 2014, we have come across certain further instances of similar nature, which show that unknown miscreants are still attempting to defraud the members of the public at large by making false and fraudulent misrepresentations. We, therefore, reiterate and say to inform the members of the public at large that each of the Essar Companies has its own Talent Acquisition Team which directly or, at times, through reputed executive search firm recruits persons suitable for the jobs. No deposit of any sum of money is asked for this purpose by any of the Companies belonging to Essar Group. Hence, the false and fraudulent representation for demanding any security deposit is clearly extortionate in nature.

In view of the above, we once again caution the general public against relying on or acting on such false and fraudulent emails / communications. Do not reply to these messages or enter into any correspondence with the sender. Any act or omission to the contrary shall be at your risk and responsibility as to costs and consequences thereof. Should you require any further information about genuineness or otherwise of such communication which you may receive, you are requested to get in touch with the Talent Acquisition team on the following number: +91 22 66601100 during business hours.