Made in India. Built by Essar.

Essar Steel Pune Facility

The Essar Steel Pune Facility (ESPF) is strategically located near Pune, Maharashtra, which is one of the largest industrial hubs in India. The facility comprise a 0.65 MTPA pickling line, a 0.6 MTPA cold rolling mill, a 0.45 MTPA galvanizing line and a 0.4 MTPA colour coating line. Focussing on the colour coating capabilities ESPF manufactures a wide range of value-added products catering to different customer segments and in domestic and international markets. Some of these innovative products are Wood Finish, Abrasion Resistant, Silicon Modified Polyester, Regular Modified Polyester, Super-durable Polyester, Poly Vinyl Di-fluoride, and Wrinkle Finish. The unit has also developed Tri Colour Coated, Camouflage, and Weather Durable products. This is a “Zero discharge” facility.

Essar spearheaded a remarkable turnaround at the unit through process innovations, operational excellence, low rework, expansion into new international markets, and a renewed focus on the domestic market and the value-added product range. Increased productivity as a result of record capacity utilisation across all lines led to higher yields and eventually fast order execution and on-time supply. This led to repeat orders and deliveries. ESPF’s position on the customer satisfaction index and its employee engagement ratings are among the highest in the country.