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Careers 360, April 2018 issue

May 23rd, 2018

The future isn’t the serene, green it used to be. Potential pastures have been replaced with sleek metallic finishes and unembellished concrete. The sound of Scottish bagpipes and the texture of Italian drizzles of oil that we hoped to tour in our lifetime are the dreams of the past.

We’re now racing head-first into bullet trains and unimaginable tech experiences. We pine for the AI (Artificial Intelligence) that will clean our houses and flip our burgers. But of course, we may be underestimating its ability to rise from burger flippers to supervisors and from cleaners to leaders. So what marvels does technology potentially have in store for recruitment?


The Computer Whiz will be back in fashion
While the genius kid with a fresh idea was never out of the limelight, the general hordes of the computer experts were getting increasingly bored and quitting the IT troops. But with the development of revolutionary HR software that will read people better than trained individuals, HR personnel and software are at the cusp of switching spots on the hierarchy.

We can definitely expect computer experts taking on HR roles as their skill in collating and processing data may be as valuable as their experience with people. Software will be able to do the analysis of potential candidates while individuals process the data. The ‘Human Touch’ may become just that. A touch of supervision as the iceberg capacity worth of work gets passed on to upcoming tech, making way for AI to break down doors on their way into organizations.

If it’s online, it’s on file
The days of presenting a crisp and pleasing image of ourselves in a neat resume will be behind us. While it comes with its own pros and cons, organizations should gear up for holistic insights into the candidate’s life. From Friday night beers to a great deliverable executed, everything will be filed away online.

The virtual world of continuous information will become the new CV, with HR being able to see proof of your secretive alcoholism or illegal online dealings in pirated movies. While this may not govern whether or not you get hired, it’s a quick insight into your mental health and ideology. These will be the variables or the new deal-makers and breakers, as cultural-fit assessors decide what is acceptable and what is not.

The good news is, you’re not the only one who likes to have a little fun. So the bar for personal deal-breakers based on insights into your private life will be fairly high. While the market gets more competitive, it’s unlikely that your viral laugh out loud video will decide what your organizational future is. On the other hand, those likely to participate in workplace harassment or bullying can be weeded out before they are interviewed at all.

HR gets a makeover
The future will descend on us quickly. With a phenomenal rise in AI tech that’s looking to do our jobs, HR will no longer look the same. In the hiring world, this is the Clark Kent moment where the glasses come off and the superpowers overwhelm the individual. So, naturally, we need to replace the individual with cutting edge AI to keep up with the increase in HR tech.

Interviewing, soft skills assessments and other vetting processes will definitely play in the AI ballgame as they become our hiring overlords. But thankfully, to break the consistency of what seems like an upcoming dystopia, it’s down to people to determine whether potential candidates will culturally assimilate with the team. But interestingly, these ‘people’ may also come from different industries and educational backgrounds. For example, if the vetting is outsourced to AI entirely, there is a scope for therapists or other professionals in the field of psychology or behavioural therapy to determine whether the individual is a good cultural fit.

The future of hiring may sometimes seem to mimic a Big Brother scenario where technology enslaves us. But that is slightly ludicrous and fairly improbable as we glimpse into what’s to come in the HR industry. While the face of HR is going to change entirely, people will still populate the top ranks, though it will be in a scenario where people become more machine-like in efficiency and machines become more human.