OGD Services Limited drills India’s first multi-lateral well in CBM fields

OGD Services Limited, Essar Global Fund’s investment in drilling services, recently drilled multi-lateral wells for a client at the Coal Bed Methane fields at Shahdol, Madhya Pradesh. The proposal to drill multilateral wells in CBM field was an exciting prospect as it was the first time ever in India.

A multilateral well is a well with two or more laterals (i.e. horizontal, vertical, or deviated) drilled through a window cut from a main mother well. This allows one well to produce from several reservoirs at once. Multilateral wells combine the advantages of horizontal-drilling techniques with the ability to achieve multiple target zones.

This concept of multilateral drilling has been around for long, however, it has never been implemented specifically for CBM projects as there are certain challenges in doing so.

There were detailed discussions with our client to firm up the well plans and align them with our rig capabilities. Our initial thoughts were that a much higher capacity rig would be required for horizontal drilling (under multilateral drilling). However, our team’s creative and proactive engagement with our client ensured deployment of our existing 750 HP rig, and completing drilling one well successfully. The learnings acquired while drilling our first well have been used to enhance our performance as we drill subsequent wells.

About OGD Services Limited

OGD Services Limited (f.k.a. Essar Oilfield Services India Limited) is a contract drilling services provider for oil, shale gas & Coal Bed Methane (CBM). With an international presence, it provides customised drilling solutions to an esteemed list of clients that include international oil majors, PSU’s and private players. The company owns and operates a diversified fleet of 15 Land Rigs with capacities ranging from 250 HP to 2000 HP. It also operates Essar Wildcat, a semi-submersible rig which is known among drilling contractors for its performance and exceptional safety record, having achieved more than 10 years of nil Loss Time Incident (LTI). Acclaimed as best-in-class for quality and safety practices in the industry by International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC), OGD places high focus on quality, health, safety and environment. It has also been admitted as a ‘Member in Good Standing’ of the South Central Asia Chapter of IADC, and is an ISO certified company (OHSAS: 18001:2007), (ISO: 9001:2015) & (ISO: 14001:2015).