OGD Redefines Drilling Through Exigent Drill Bits

OGD Services Limited, Essar Global Fund’s investment in drilling services, is continuously working towards introducing new technologies and thereby improving performance. While engaged with a client’s CBM drilling project, OGD worked with a startup to develop custom bit designs for each well/field. Drilling bits form the core of drilling, and are the key instruments used to penetrate and drill holes for exploration. After a thorough and extensive study of the application and analysis of data, OGD procured 8-1/2” and 12-1/4” PDS drill bits.

The custom designs of the bits were done based on application specific high-performance cutters, force balancing and the profile. Following is the Rate of Penetration (ROP) performance achieved after the technological improvements.

  • The Overall ROP of 8-1/2” PDS drill bits was @ 50% higher compared to the field average ROP
  • The Overall ROP of 12-14” PDS drill bits was @ 40% higher compared to the field average ROP

The improved ROP performance has helped OGD save considerable rig time, thereby reducing the operational cost. Apart from that, the borehole quality and directional control to maintain vertical angle has also improved, with the bits exhibiting excellent steering with minimal sliding as compared to competition.

With the latest tech-enabled services, dedication and an innovative approach, OGDSL looks set for the future.