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Observing World Environment Day 2017


In keeping with the theme for the year, ‘Connecting People to Nature’, students from Class VI-VIII of Bharana Girls Primary School participated in a range of activities marking World Environment Day on 5 June 2017. There were competitions around quizzing, drawing, slogan writing, and face painting. Environment games, like “Break the Pyramid” and “Web of Life”, helped them learn about the importance of biodiversity and the need to preserve nature. An animated film on environment conservation was followed by an interactive session aimed at capturing the children’s views and reactions.

At the Centre for Women Empowerment, Vadinar, more than 125 women came together to celebrate World Environment Day. It was an opportune day to celebrate as a batch of 80 women had completed their training in garment design and manufacturing at the centre. Besides a completion certificate, each woman received a pomegranate sapling developed through tissue culture under the Foundation’s livelihoods programme. Pomegranate plants were chosen because of their adaptability to the climatic conditions of this area. Moreover, the fruit has high nutritional value, and helps in combating anaemia and promoting hormonal health among women. The women were given instructions on how to take care of the saplings. It was symbolic of the way these women will set off on their new entrepreneurial journeys and a self-reliant future.