MR11 delivers record operational and safety performance

Rig MR 11 recently achieved the significant milestone of completing 3 years without any lost time injury (LTI). This remarkable achievement not only  demonstrates our compliance with the mandatory safety codes and regulations, but also our willingness to embrace key learnings from significant incidents both internally and externally. This outstanding achievement stems largely from leadership, team work and a proactive approach.

Rig MR11 has drilled a total meterage of 75,000 metres, including 60 CBM wells drilled for ONGC in Bokaro and Jharia CBM blocks, Jharkhand. During this campaign, our rig maintenance crew left no stone unturned to maintain overall NPT below 5%, in spite of the unprecedented speed of operations, creating new benchmarks in the industry. In December 2019,  Rig MR11, achieved the feat of drilling 4 wells in one month. Another achievement for the OGD team was to reach the highest ever commercial speed of 6,084 metres per rig month at the BKEJ well. This is the highest commercial speed of a CBM Asset in Bokaro, and it was achieved while on the ONGC campaign. Since the start of its CBM campaign in 1997, this is the fourth highest commercial speed achieved by any onshore drilling rig since the inception of ONGC.

Mr Rajeev Nayyerr (Director & CEO) expressed his gratitude to the OGDSL team members, and all others involved, for achieving this milestone through their hard work and commitment. Mr Nayyer has been instrumental in encouraging the team with continuous support, guidance and motivation.

Mr Gurpreet Sara (Chief Operating Officer – Onshore Operations) appreciated the crew members and added “Safety is a way of life and remember, nature’s wrath does not discriminate and does not spare anyone based on his or her status or standard of living. Basic principles have to be followed to protect self and fellow beings”.