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Meet Abigail France, Essar’s Everyday Champion

Mar 13th, 2018

Tell us about your working experience at Essar?
I have experienced a positive approach from everyone I have spoken to, they are always keen to help me and pass on their wealth of knowledge. It is instilled in us that safety is always priority and ‘brother’s keeper’ is a term I hear regularly. There is an attitude of looking out for one another to keep each other safe. Everyone has the same drive to want to achieve the best for the business and it is clear that employees enjoy working here due to the longstanding careers of many.

What inspired you to join the oil and gas sector?
The main thing that inspired me to join the oil and gas sector was the career opportunities due to the scale of operation across the world. I could see that there were many different departments that I could become involved with over my lifetime and thought it was an industry that is always improving.

What do you like the most about your job? What is the most challenging part?
The thing that I enjoy most about my job is the responsibility of having to think on your feet, and problem-solving. This is also the most challenging part, as if the problem isn’t solved in time, the result could lead to tripping units, which may lead to big complications in the running of the refinery.

What is your message for young girls aspiring to join the Oil and Gas sector?
The world of oil and gas has traditionally been viewed as a ‘man’s world’ but not anymore. You will always achieve what you want if you work hard, always join in and stand on your own two feet.

Is there a woman who has been your inspiration in life or at work?
Whilst growing up, British Athlete Jessica Ennis-Hill has been an inspiration to me, to work hard and never give up. She completed a degree whilst training tirelessly at seven different events. Her dedication to what she loves doing was finally rewarded after becoming world champion in 2009 and entered the history books in London 2012 Olympics where she won gold. It is this dedication and commitment that showed me that if devote your time and effort into something you love you can achieve anything you want.

Abigail France,
Apprentice Process Operator, Essar Oil UK

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