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Vision and Approach

The Foundation aligns its vision with the larger vision of the conglomerate based on the four Ps — PEOPLE at the core, PROGRESS towards aspirations, POWER of synergy and PASSION with compassion.


PEOPLE at the core: All interventions of the Foundation place people it works with and people it works for. So the vision entails holistic development that is human development centric. Environment conservation, capacity building, awareness generation and improving health and education leading to empowerment are keys to this aspect of the vision.


PROGRESS towards aspirations: Progress and growth towards the better is what drives every individual, family or community. Essar Foundation believes in fueling the same by promoting learning, innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit. Progressive economic development and livelihood promotion are main impacts under this.


POWER of synergy: The Foundation strongly bases its efforts on collective strength of responsible partnerships that ensures sustainability of the impact created. Convergence with Government delivery mechanism, local administration, civil society organizations and community-based institutions are integral to the approach.


PASSION with compassion: The compassion or humaneness in the endeavors is what makes all the difference. Sensitivity to local context and respect towards diversities is crucial and so is the need to make every initiative consultative, participatory and integrated. The vision is to promote shared values and ownership.


at the core
towards aspirations
of synergy
with compassion
Human development centered holistic development Fueling individual learning, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit Collective strength of responsible partnerships towards sustainable development Inclusive and participatory; creating ownership