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Foundation and Bulk Terminal, Hazira, organise workshop for a social science fair

A workshop on subjects like history, geography and civics was organised for the teachers of 15 primary schools in Hazira on 4th and 5th February, 2016. The joint effort by Essar Foundation, along with Essar Bulk Terminal Limited (EBTL), Hazira, was aimed at training the teachers to help their students to prepare projects for a Social Science fair. The day-long fair will be held in March this year.

The teachers were given practical training on clay modeling, paper modelling, methods of presentation, making paper cutouts, and organising a skit. All the 15 schools will prepare various models using different approaches for the fair. This activity is part of the Guruji Project, which aims to promote holistic education and is being implemented by Essar Foundation with EBTL, Hazira, covering 15 schools, across 12 villages in the Hazira belt.