Essar’s Projects business team achieves milestone at Bhilai Steel Plant

The Essar’s Projects business team at SAIL’s Bhilai Steel Plant site achieved yet another milestone towards the erection of Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) through mechanical completion and start-up of full load trial of Secondary De-dusting system at the Steel Melting Shop – 3 (SMS III) Complex.

The BOF is a critical part of the project and involves 48,000 tonnes of equipment erection (including piping, electrical & instrumentation and refractory installation). It comprises three converters of 160 tonnes (nominal) and 180 tonnes (maximum) capacity, with associated gas cleaning facilities. There is a secondary de-dusting system that collects the fumes emitted during the different operational phases of the converters. The dust-laden fumes are collected by electrostatic precipitators and the clean gas is conveyed to the clean gas exhaust stack, which is then let out. Three Induced Draft (ID) fans have been installed to generate the necessary suction for conveying the fumes and clean gas.

The ID Fan Station and related de-dusting system involved 4,000 tonnes of equipment erection and commissioning. The load trials of ID Fan Station of Secondary De-dusting system began on 7 November 2017.