Essarites live the Christmas spirit on ‘Family Day’

This festive season, we celebrated the ‘Family Day’ in great style, with Essar House decked in Christmas flavour. Spouses and kids of all Essarites in Mumbai were invited to the landmark Mahalaxmi office, where loads of surprises and festive cheer awaited them! As the visitors walked in, they were greeted by the big Red Door at the entrance, a huge X-Mas tree at the lobby and even Santa, clearly giving a glimpse of how they can expect the rest of the evening to go by.

To know Essar, one must experience it and that’s what the Family Day was all about. Essarites took the day to flaunt their ‘Essar Life’ to their loved ones, with unrestricted access being given to their family to visit Christmas-themed office spaces, cafeteria, the revamped Refresh, Gym and Sky Lounge, and much more. As the visitors ticked off the check list of all that Essar House has on offer, they also got to interact with the ‘Essar Family’ of their spouse/parent(s). colleagues and even bosses, jumped right in at the opportunity to know their ‘extended family’ even better. Various interesting games were organised at each floor, with work taking a back seat as kids raising the positive energy and even decibels in the entire building! What’s more Santa Clause was roaming on floors, ensuring that gifts and sweets kept the enthusiasm high for the kids at all time.

The podium took the Essar Family in to spread more cheer, with 360o selfie booth, name key-chains, tattoo artists and delicious snacks, all adding to the fun. Just when Essarites thought it couldn’t get better, all children were also given candies and goodie bags while they exited the building. Essarites spent the evening together as one Big Family, ushering in the Chirstmas spirit of happiness and togetherness. The Family Day sure suited the optimism all Essarites had for the good times and bright future the new year will bring!

Here’s a glimpse of the family fun time at Essar House.