Essar Wildcat awarded for best performance

Over the years, Essar Wildcat has become synonymous to efficiency and safety. As a semi-submersible rig, it is capable of drilling in mid-waters and drilling in a depth of up to 25,000 feet! Essar Wildcat has achieved many exceptional safety milestones, and its amazing track record of more than 10 years without LTI (Lost Time Incident) is well-known in the industry. Recently it has also been acclaimed for its performance.

Essar Wildcat has been on a contract with ONGC since May’17. Halliburton, which on behalf of ONGC has been monitoring the operational efficiencies of Essar Wildcat, has awarded it for best performance in tripping circulation. The efficiency of our operations has been recorded the best as compared to the other deep-water rigs Hallliburton has been evaluating. This is truly a great achievement. Manned by a multicultural mix of professionals, it is remarkable how the Wildcat has consistently delivered world-class performance despite operating in the East Coast, which is known for its tough operating conditions.

Congrats, Team Wildcat!

Meet Johnny Ricketts, Essar’s Everyday Champion