Essar Shipping completes dry docking of Maithili and Mahavir

Essar Shipping Ltd, India’s second largest private shipping company, has said it has recently completed dry docking of two of its high-in-demand vessels Supramax Maithili and Panamax Mahavir, despite the several challenges faced during the C-19 pandemic.

Maithili, with a dead weight tonnage (DWT) of 55,707, was dry docked in Bahrain and Mahavir, with a DWT of 74,005 was dry docked in China.

In fact, the dry docking of both the vessels was scheduled in 2020 but was deferred due to various travel restrictions due to the pandemic.

Despite the adverse conditions, vessels were fully employed and in service throughout the lock down period catering to essential sectors of the country with all the necessary approvals in place from compliance authorities.

During the dry-docking both the vessels underwent major overhauling and steel renewal jobs despite existing restrictions given the virus mutations globally, but there was a difference as the ships were attended to remotely, all certificates were renewed and compliances adhered to without major manual intervention.

The medical check-up of all crew members and yard works man was also carried out under stringent protocols and regulations at the dry docking locations.

Dry docking is an extremely critical procedure for the ships wherein a vessel is taken to the service yard and brought to the dry land so that the submerged portions of its hull can be cleaned and inspected.

It is a primary regulatory cum preventive requirement in the global shipping industry as per which every vessel needs to dry dock at least once in every five years. It allows to repair and service the areas of the ship which cannot be explored while the ship is sailing and helps assess the condition of the ship’s hull and the machinery which are not accessible when the ship is in water.

Shipping is the backbone of global economy, supporting majorly the manufacturing sector. Essar Shipping provides a strong foundation for countries to build and operate world-class assets.