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Essar provides support to Sheth C.D. Barfiwala College of Commerce, Surat

EBTL reaches out to students of Sheth C. D.Barfiwala College of Commerce

‘Education’ is a universal human right of every citizen regardless of caste, gender or social status. It unlocks the door of opportunities for individuals by empowering them with knowledge, which in turn helps lay the foundations for social well-being, security and gender equality. It also plays a critical role in a nation’s overall development and economic growth.

With an aim to take forward its vision of providing education for all, EBTL has donated 40 benches to the Sheth C. D.Barfiwala College of Commerce in Surat. The college was in dire straits with some students sitting on decrepit benches, while others sat on the floor due to lack of furniture/benches. The cramped and rundown benches could do very little to help them study. These new benches from Essar Bulk Terminal Limited will last for at least 10 years, providing the students with basic infrastructure required and thus encourage their interest towards getting educated.

Education for Sustainable Development is at the core of Essar’s CSR initiatives

To become a catalyst of positive change in the society, Essar aims to further its environment, social and governance (ESG) goals. The company always aims to support the Government’s endeavours and create a conducive environment for the students where they receive education with respect.

India has made great progress in improving access to quality education, increasing elementary school enrollment and reducing the number of out-of-school children. While India’s literacy rate continuous to rise, there are many states in the country with low literacy rates that need a greater push. We see there is a pressing requirement to improve and uplift the education system in rural areas, as well as provide educational support to people below the poverty line.

There is also a growing need for international recognition of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).  Ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting a lifelong learning opportunity for everyone has been an integral part of United Nations – Sustainable Development Goals.

Essar Bulk Terminal Limited(EBTL), Hazira, is committed in its duty towards Corporate Social Responsibility, with a focus on enabling and enriching communities located near its operations. Just as the right hand reaches out to the left hand when it is hurt, EBTL believes in the spirit of contribution through the feeling of oneness.