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Essar makes Diwali special for the kids of Sai Aadhar

At Essar Foundation, we believe in being an instrument of light and a beacon of hope to the underprivileged and marginalised sections of society. The Foundation team was informed that Sai Aadhar, an orphanage in Wada-Palghar that houses 38 children, was in need of ration. Hence, this Diwali, Essar Foundation with the support of Essar Ports, made the day special for the kids and their mentors by providing them with items like rice, wheat, dal, oil, sweets, etc, including sanitary pads to girls residing at the orphanage.

The orphanage is being managed by a couple, Vishal Parulekar and Ankita Parulekar, who provide a basic make-shift shelter to the kids. While Vishal works as a driver, his wife Ankita stitches clothes at a factory outlet, besides also doing odd jobs. They work very hard to provide shelter and food to these orphans, and feel strongly that education will help the kids to stay out of poverty. Hence, Vishal and Ankita have ensured that each kid sent to a school or college.

The Foundation team visited Sai Aadhar on Diwali and handed over the essentials to the couple. Besides, they also spent time with the children and distributed sweets to them to spread the Diwali joy!