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Essar Foundation’s ‘Essar Lok Vikas Kendras (ELVKs)’ tailors rural dreams of self-reliance

Organises a field trip for 150+ Hazira women to a garment manufacturing hub in Surat

Essar Foundation’s ‘Essar Lok Vikas Kendras (ELVKs)’ is a programme enabling financial independence in rural India. Under the ‘Pillar of Livelihood’, various initiatives towards women empowerment have been implemented by the ELVKs in Hazira, Rajgiri, Junagam, Damka, Mora and Bhatlai. Through EVLKs, women have acquired skills, helping them support themselves financially. Among EVLK’s many initiatives, the tailoring program has been a huge success within the women of the community in Hazira. Every year, nearly 200 women complete the tailoring training from these centers.

Inspiring women to chase their dreams, the EVLK organised an educational field trip to Banswara Syntex Ltd- a recognised garment manufacturing hub in Surat (Apparel Park- Sachin GIDC). The field trip organised in Apparel Park, that houses over 600 women employees, helped young women understand the techniques of industrial textile training, manufacturing, pricing, quality control etc.

Nearly 160 women of the community had an opportunity to experience a commercial, large scale garment manufacturing unit for the first time.