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Essar Foundation partners with Advance Healthcare Foundation

The vision for holistic development

Essar Foundation believes in creating an environment for holistic development of the community. Through its initiatives, the Foundation works at the grass root across remote corners of the country, and creates positive impact at every stage of growth of not just the community, but also the individuals. A nation’s youth play a key part in charting its development, and it is essential to ensure that they are nurtured and guided well.

‘Adolescence: A Period of Bumps & Humps’

Realising this, recently, Essar Foundation partnered with Advance Healthcare Foundation in hosting their flagship symposium titled ‘Adolescence: A Period of Bumps & Humps’.

Hosted at India International Centre, Delhi, the event saw young students from standard 8-12 from premiere Delhi schools in attendance.

Shri Dharmendra Pradhan Ji, Hon’ble Minister of Education, sent his blessings and wishes as a written message which was read out by Mr Ratnajyoti Dutta, Honorary National Advisor to Advance Healthcare Foundation. Ms Annapurna Devi, Hon’ble Minister of State for Education, also sent her blessings and wishes to the event via a written message, which inspired everyone in attendance!

The event was graced by Smt Sumathi Vasudev, Joint Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs and Deputy Director General (Special Projects), Indian Council for Cultural Relations, and Mr Dominic D’Souza, Chief Operating Officer, Essar Foundation, were the Guests of Honour.

Speaking on the importance of positive guidance during adolescence, Mr Dominic Dsouza, COO, Essar Foundation said, “During the transformative years of teenage, it is important to have the right support from parents, teachers and coaches to ensure all-round socio-emotional development of the child. Additionally, elders engage with youngsters to foster informed conversations about physical changes that accompany puberty. This creates an environment of safety that is conducive to holistic growth of each child.”

A panel of distinguished doctors also touched upon topics such as sexual abuse, emotional problems faced by adolescents, diabetes in children, transgender care, mental health, substance abuse, etc. At the end, the floor was opened up for a panel discussion and questions from the young audience. All the sessions were followed by creative communication performances that expressed various emotions, feelings and thoughts of adolescents.

At the event, a new initiative on career counselling was also announced followed by the felicitation of the esteemed panellists and guests of honour. The event ended with an oath taken by all the adolescents present in the auditorium where they pledged to uphold the values of global citizenship and to put in efforts to make the earth an abode of fraternity, equality, liberty and humanity.

Advance Healthcare Foundation is a well-established organization that works on many verticals including Critical Care, Disaster Management, CPR, Organ Donation, Telemedicine, Problems faced by Adolescents, etc.#EssarCares through Essar Foundation

Essar Foundation, the CSR arm of Essar, works closely with the communities towards enhancing lives touching environment, health, education, livelihood, women empowerment, sports, and infrastructure. The Foundation has always stood by the Nation in every emergency, be in Covid-19, floods, famine or drought, through its community outreach initiative #EssarCares.