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Essar Foundation conducts eye care drive for school children

Essar Foundation working towards a better vision for future generations

Children often develop poor vision due to nutritional or genetic factors, and if not checked regularly may go undiagnosed. A large part of learning problems and performance issues in school is associated with common vision problems and refractive error. Regular eye check-ups are essential for children, and hence eye care camps have been a key feature of Essar Foundation’s range of preventive health initiatives. Recently an eye check-up camp was organised for the students of Saraswati Shishu Mandir School, Nagwa in Singrauli (Madhya Pradesh). About 118 children got their eyes tested by an ophthalmologist from the local Community Health Centre.

In continuation to eye check-up camp which was done last month, Essar Foundation in association with Umang Ladies Club (of women of Essar Power MP Limited) organized a camp and event at Saraswati Shishu Mandir – Nagwa for School Children. Free spectacles were distributed by Umang members to the children diagnosed with refractive error issues. Medicines were also distributed for free to those children who were having minor complaints. The drive is aimed at ensuring children do not face obstacles in their learning process due to vision issues.