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Essar extends support to the kids of St. Francis D’Assisi Orphanage

With mission to ensure a sustainable future for the underprivileged and marginalised sections of society, Essar Foundation reached out to support the children of St. Francis D’Assisi Orphanage, Borivali, Mumbai.

St. Francis Orphanage was established by Bro. Paulus Mortiz to house excluded, unfortunate, marginalised and underprivileged children, and to enable them to experience the fullness of life through means of education and shelter. The orphanage was established in 1908 and has since cared, looked after and helped orphans, semi-orphans and poor boys by building their lives.

The Essar Foundation team visited the orphanage multiple times and, upon discussions with the management, have decided to fund the education of few of the most deserving children from the next academic year 2022-23. The Foundation will also be providing extensive support to the orphanage in training the kids in sports and music, considering that these aspects play an important part in the overall development of a child.

To celebrate this collaboration, a small event was organised on April 6, 2022 involving a few kids of the orphanage. Dominic Dsouza (COO), along with Tej Singh Barwa and Srajan Bhatnagar, represented Essar Foundation at the event, and interacted with the boys. The boys were gifted with new sports jerseys, sports equipment and evening snacks.