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Meet S Shabana, Essar’s Everyday Champion

Mar 9th, 2018

What was meant to be a study trip to a steel plant, became a dream I worked hard to pursue.

When I was doing my diploma in Metallurgy, we had an industrial visit at VISL SAIL plant. I was fascinated to see metallurgical engineering at work. This inspired me to dream big, join the steel industry and contribute to the growth of our nation. My dream came true when I got a chance to work at Essar Steel. I have been working here since 2011. During my tenure, I have seen and learnt countless fascinating things, but I still get impressed each time I walk into the steel plant.

I currently work with the technical cell of the Blast Furnace division. Each day brings with it new challenges and new opportunities, but as a team, we are focussed on improving our benchmark. Process analysis is one of the challenges I am keenly looking forward to learning and mastering. The most exciting part of my job is that we have to be alert and on our toes. A slight variation in input and data can significantly alter the functioning of the Blast Furnace! Apart from my job, I am also a big advocate of Essar Steel’s township – Nand Niketan. The flora and fauna of the township, along with the peace and quiet, are hard to find in today’s fast-paced world. The recreational facilities within the township are also great.

At Essar, women employees are respected, encouraged to learn and given equal opportunity to move ahead. The work culture and transparent polices is a good fit for us all.

My message to young girls is that nothing is impossible. Everything is achievable but one has to have faith in oneself and confidence. My mantra for success is ‘work hard in silence and let success make the noise.’

I am thankful to my colleagues, my company and my family who gave me wings to fulfill my dream!

S Shabana,
Blast Furnace, Essar Steel

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