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Meet Roshni Panchawala, Essar’s Everyday Champion

May 14th, 2018

Meet Roshni Panchawala, Essar's Everyday Champion

I have had an interesting journey in my career so far. From being a trained architectural engineer to being a civil engineer and now a part of the tech team, I have worked in diverse roles. I grew up in a small town around the Essar steel plant and had heard inspiring things about the company. After completing my education, I was determined to join the company.

I joined Essar Steel Hazira in September 2010 as a Diploma Engineer Trainee at the Essar Academy. I underwent various training’s for a year and was deployed at M/S. EPIL (Piling & QAQC) for a year, as a quality supervisor. In this role, I learnt how to test materials as per ISO standard of quality assurance. Thereafter, I got transferred to the central maintenance team where I learnt about mechanical and electrical maintenance.

I must admit that the training modules for understanding the central maintenance at Hazira was quite challenging, but I was keen on learning and completed the modules successfully. In addition, I also received hands-on and classroom training on the SAP System (MM & PM), Microsoft Excel, Word, Power Points and publishing tools to ease my daily work.

My seniors at the central maintenance departments have always guided me and supported me during challenging times. In my current role, I am required to contact several teams /agencies like project managers, plant maintenance HODs and many more. These interactions help boost my confidence. I am also picking up skills to work under potential emergencies, which helps me to think on the go and take swift actions.

My message to young aspirants is that if challenging job in the steel sector comes your way, accept it. There is a great potential to grow in this sector!

I am a firm believer that new challenges and overcoming hurdles in life gives us more learning and only makes us stronger!

I am constantly inspired by my mom and all the women employees at Essar are multi-taskers and always ready to help!

– Roshni Panchawala,
Central Maintenance, Essar Steel

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