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Meet Richa Kumari, Essar’s Everyday Champion

Apr 23rd, 2018

Meet Richa Kumari, Essar's Everyday Champion

I believe that life is a journey and every achievement is a milestone.

During my school days at Bishop Westcott girls school, I cultivated a mind-set to do something in life. I was blessed to have teachers and principals, who instilled in me a positive outlook towards life.

I completed my CDAC in Pune and got placed in an organisation called R Systems, where I worked for over 2 years in diverse roles. Thereafter, with my determination, I was selected to be a part of the prestigious GE financials division and there I learnt that it was ok to swim against the tide, if your conviction was strong and right. With these learnings and drive to keep learning, I joined Essar on April 21 2003 in EITL.

When I joined EITL, I was amazed to see the scale of the manufacturing setup of Essar Steel, the business we used to support. Joining the team gave me an understanding of how important IT was as the backbone of the organization. I got an opportunity to conceptualize and design IT solutions. In the process, I got an incredible opportunity to interact with the stalwarts at the plant and understand the life cycle of the steel business. Their valuable inputs helped enrich the software design and ultimately added value to Essar Steel. The motivation provided by my seniors was amazing and I was encouraged to innovate and think out of the box for complex problems at the plant. Till date, this continues at Essar Steel and as a result, each day I get to learn something new!

But all this did not come easy. I had my own share of personal struggles and challenges. At one point in my career, my kids were really young and I had to manage the critical professional demands of my role. I was working for the sales and distribution module which was a 24*7 responsibility; every dispatch was money earned for the organization and any hindrance to the SAP related to that cycle was cost to the company. When I joined this module, there were only 3 members to support it. The shift could be in the morning , afternoon or at night. At every step, I had the un-flinching support of my parents and spouse. They have stood by me and helped me achieve my. full potential…

When I look back now, I find that many women have unknowingly motivated me at different stages of my journey.
At school, I was profoundly influenced by my English teacher who taught me about grace and etiquettes. In my journey at Essar, the first name which comes to mind is Mrs Jaya Roy Choudhary who embraced me as a family member and gave me the perspective of how professional and personal life can be balanced. My seniors lady colleagues at Essar also helped me home my skills and become a respected professional.

My message for the new generation of women employees is to keep a strong support system around in terms of friends and family. Be focused on the task at hand and don’t limit your thought process. Don’t tell yourself what you can’t do, rather think of how you will take a challenge and finish it. It’s tough, but it’s worth the toil and trouble. Go that extra mile and set a precedent for other girls.

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