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Meet Kamiya Jogi, Essar’s Everyday Champion

Apr 17th, 2018

Meet Kamiya Jogi, Essar's Everyday Champion

I joined Essar Steel as a Diploma Engineer Trainee in the ‘Quality Assurance & Control’ department in 2005. I work in the CRCA Lab in the Cold Rolling Mill Complex, and certifying physical properties (grade quality) of the steel products during their intermediate and final goods stage.

All the CRCA products are cleared for their respective customers based on test results analysis done in the laboratory. I work closely with the product development team for new grades of CRCA product and I am responsible to provide real time feedback on trial results, which in turn helps to fine tune process parameters further to establish new product.

What excites me the most about my job is that our department has created an environment, where one can always look for new challenges and initiatives. For us, learning never stops!

The most challenging part of my job is to ensure accurate and precise data handling /analysis and help obtain /maintain customer approval, plant certification process in a systematic and time bound mode.

I am proud to be a part of such a vibrant department which gives opportunities along with the freedom to execute ideas.

The steel industry is one of the core sectors and plays an integral role in the development of our country.  I was fortunate to work as an intern at Essar Steel during the final year of college, and that opportunity gave me the right orientation and guidance to join the steel sector.

I want young girls to not restrict themselves to traditional roles, but take up opportunities in the manufacturing sector.

How can a girl contribute in Steel Sector?  How can she manage on the Shop Floor?

These questions and stereotypes need to be answered with examples of successful women employees.
To achieve your goals you have to step out of it, question it, and challenge it. Don’t just go with the flow, oppose it.


Today I am a strong woman because I wanted to be so. I would like to encourage young aspirants to build their own life, enjoy it, and play their part in the development of our nation.

– Kamiya Jogi,
Essar Steel, Hazira

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