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Meet Danielle Macmahon, Essar’s Everyday Champion

May 2nd, 2018


Meet Danielle Macmahon, Essar's Everyday Champion

Tell us about your working experience at Essar.

The work environment at Essar is different from anywhere I have worked before. At the start,
I was nervous about joining a new industry, but excited to take on the challenges of the Essar Graduate Scheme.

My academic background is in Business Management as I completed BA in Business Management and MSc in International Business and Management, both at the John Moores institute in Liverpool. I was unsure of which career path to take.

The Commercial Graduate scheme offers a great opportunity to step into the Oil and Gas Industry. I had the opportunity to use my skills and build on them as necessary.

I currently work in the Marketing department as a Distribution Coordinator and I have really enjoyed the new challenges this role has posed. It has been a great starting point for the graduate scheme program and has given me great insights into the retail side of Essar. Ienjoy working at Essar and look forward to moving across the different departments set within the Commercial Graduate Scheme.

 What inspired you to join the oil and gas sector?

The various opportunities that Essar provides and their focus on equality, made the Oil and Gas sector seem like a great opportunity. It wasn’t a sector that Business Management students are often exposed to whilst studying, so it hadn’t been a consideration for me initially. However upon researching for opportunities for myself, I came across the Essar Commercial Graduate scheme and believed that their focus on investing in employees to grow professionally was something which made them stand out.

The Oil and Gas sector is a great place for growth and development of personal skills.

What do you like the most about your job? What is the most challenging part?
I enjoy the daily challenges the job poses. There is always something new to learn and a different task to undertake. Immersing myself into the role has allowed me to learn more about the industry and my colleagues have been great at helping me develop my skills and knowledge.

I enjoy the fast pace of my job and the continuous learning that comes with it. The most challenging part was finding the confidence to begin a new role in a new industry. I was conscious that my lack of knowledge in the industry may hinder my potential however the nature of the role means I was able to pick things quickly and believe that my knowledge is increasing greatly every day.

What is your message for young girls aspiring to join the Oil and Gas sector?
My message to young girls is to definitely consider joining the Oil and Gas sector. From a young age I always assumed it was a male dominated industry and wasn’t aware of the various roles available within the sector.

Having gained more insight into the sector I can now see that I was wrong. There is a vast opportunity for all and within all roles – it is definitely a great industry to consider for people from all backgrounds.

– Danielle Macmahon
Commercial Graduate, Essar Oil UK

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