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Essar builds a home for Jay Janardan Aashram’s large ‘Family’

Essar continues to set new milestones when it comes to uplifting communities. The Essar Foundation team recently visited ‘Jay Janardan Swami Aashram’ in Lasalgaon, Nashik to assist the community.

Jay Janardan Swami Aashram, an orphanage and home to old-aged abandoned senior citizens is situated 320 kms from Mumbai, and is located in the interiors of Maharashtra in a small village – Lasalgaon. The aashram is cared by a couple – Mr Dilip Baburao Gunjal and Mrs Sangeeta Dilip Gunjal. The aashram is home to over 90 children (including handicapped and mentally challenged) and around 20 senior citizens. The kids were mostly orphaned or abandoned at a very young age and were rehabilitated here through the continued goodwill and efforts of the aashram. Many of the elders were tragically ousted by their own kin once they became old. The children have been enrolled at the local municipal school for their education.

Essar provided the residents with essentials required to live a comfortable life. The company is also providing financial support and assistance to the aashram for construction of their new premises that will function as living quarters for the residents and further ensure their well-being.