EOGEPL’s Production Department during COVID Pandemic

In the wake of the pandemic COVID19, like many other organisations, EOGEPL too was caught by surprise when the Janta Curfew was followed by the lockdown. But as was its approach to tackle challenges in the past, the team used innovative ways to manage the crisis. Shutting down the round the clock operations was not an option as the nation has a constant need for energy. The customers who depends on the supply of CBM gas for their operations, should be ensure supply even during lockdown.

Taking stock of the problem, and under the guidance of our able leadership, the production department strategized for 24 hrs operation with minimum crew members. Proper precautionary measures for self-protection were combined with statutory safety guidelines and social distancing norms. Post lockdown, the teams responsible for essential operational activities, i.e. production, facility, water & waste management, worked day & night, despite constraints imposed by the lockdown, and supplied uninterrupted gas to customers. Not only this, the team is also well prepared for all emergency situations that could possibly develop.

Two team members have been posted at each installation for a 12 hour shift for two consecutive days followed by two off-days. The excellently-trained personnel maintain safety measures with least manpower, and are able to minimise the downtime efficiently by attending tripping in no time. They complete all routine tasks while maintaining social distancing, cleanliness of the work place, which includes the vehicle under use.

The team, with assistance from the HSE team, have developed “Special Safety Guidelines for COVID-19”. These include using of masks by all, sanitising of vehicle being used, distancing of workstations in office, and restricting passengers in transport vehicles to two, thereby maintaining minimum of one metre distance while travelling.

The heads of divisions keep monitoring the well-being of their team and their families, whether on field or working from home, through phone calls twice a day. A monitoring report is then developed and shared with HSE department for tracking of issues faced by employees, if at all.

Speaking to the well-trained team members, it was found that they are coping with the situation by helping each other and tackling operations with minimum personnel and maximum social distance. The team assigned at the CNG station is vigilant about the do’s and don’t’s in this situation. They are not only taking care of themselves, but are also ensuring sanitisation of the drivers visiting the station to fill cascades. Social distancing, minimal exchanging of documents, body temperature checking at the entrance, have all been incorporated in their schedule right now.

While the nation unites to face the challenges put up by the Covid-19 pandemic, EOGEPL is committed to ensure seamless supply of essential energy.