EOGEPL Works Towards CBM Gas Production Ramp-up Plan with Core Wells

During last one & half year when the whole world is fighting the pandemic and trying to achieve a fresh start, EOGEPL has not only navigated through the challenging times, but also drawn a roadmap towards a brighter future.

As a first step towards production ramp-up, the company commenced drilling of test core wells in April and has so far drilled three core holes and collection of valuable sub-surface data to place new development wells has been done.

Production from existing wells is in full swing to achieve the ramp up targets while EOGEPL gears up to tap explore the untapped parts of the Raniganj block. These parts are expected to hold additional potential of CBM gas to produce.

To explore the unexplored EOGEPL is drilling these core wells to understand the actual gas content, build confidence on reserves and form a firm strategy for the new development drilling campaign. It is very important to understand the reservoir potential and required well distribution in that area. Accordingly, based on the extent of the area, number and location of core wells are planned.

A core well is an exploratory well in which holes of different size, depending upon the depth and lithology i.e. the rock type, are drilled and actual rock, strata and coal samples of the deeper horizon brought to surface.

In CBM Raniganj block a standard 96mm core-hole is drilled to extract the coal & rock samples and perform various laboratory specialised analysis to understand the CBM parameters (i.e. gas content, saturation, coal quality, etc.) and thereby establish reservoir potential of a designated area. Often a core well is planned for approximated circular area having a radius of 3km. This may vary due to different geological uncertainties.

In the current campaign eight core wells have been planned and a few more soon to follow. With these core wells it is expected that EOGEPL will be able to add approximately 200-300 BCF of additional CBM gas from 25 sq. km new untapped area of the block. The platform is being set and EOGEPL is ready for the big leap of gas production growth in its business.

Santosh Chandra, CEO-EOGEPL commended the Geoscience team in planning the coring program and now execution in the field with the objective to de-risk the new 200 wells development drilling program, to start later this year.  He also stressed the need for good and proper data geoscience and engineering data collection to avoid wasteful capital expenditure in drilling of sub-standard location wells backed without data.

EOGEPL is one of the largest E&P companies in India primarily focused in the domain of Unconventional Hydrocarbons (UHC) having a resource base of 15 TCF (Trillion Cubic Feet) CBM and shale resources. EOGEPL has so far invested in excess of Rs. 4,000 Crores in exploration to commercial development of the Raniganj CBM Block. The company is a pioneer of Unconventional HC in India with about 25 years of experience in E&P of CBM. EOGEPL’s Raniganj CBM Block is the first CBM Project in India to cross the threshold of 1.0 million cubic metres of gas production. The project is commissioned with  348 wells and a state-of-art indigenous infrastructure facilities.