EOGEPL signs Mutual Aid Agreement with Bengal Gas Company Ltd.

Essar Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Ltd. (EOGEPL) and Bengal Gas Company Ltd. (BGCL) signed a Mutual Aid Agreement, on July 8, 2021. The signing ceremony was held at the registered office of EOGEPL in Durgapur in the presence of Mr. Santosh Chandra, CEO-EOGEPL and Mr. Satyabrata Bairagi, CEO-BGCL. The signatories on the Agreement were Mr. Dinesh Sharma, VP & Head – Production from EOGEPL and Mr. Pankaj Kumar Biswas, Head (Marketing & Commercial and O&M) from BGCL. Mr. Ranjan Jindal, CFO-EOGEPL and Mr. Partha Pratim Bose, Head- CA & Coordination-BGCL, were also present on this occasion.

The ‘Mutual Aid Scheme’ has been signed primarily to support each other in issues pertaining to safety of lives and property of both the Organisations. The clauses under this agreement commit to,

  1. Render assistance to each other in case of a major fire or any other emergency or eventuality where such hazards are very large for the affected unit to handle efficiently.
  2. Provision of specialized type of firefighting equipment’s not available with the affected party.
  3. Exchange of technical information amongst the parties hereto of the fire services to develop overall firefighting efficiency.
  4. Exchange of transport facilities.
  5. Render assistance to the other party in case of any emergency where major fire or any other emergency or eventuality where such hazards are very large for the affected party to handle efficiently.

Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Chandra said, “EOGEPL strives to adhere to high standards of safety always.  We do not compromise on this aspect and we are always prepared to ensure all-round safety of our people, assets and the society at large. The ‘Mutual Aid Agreement’ is a step towards this very principle of the Organization wherein it will help both EOGEPL and BGCL to prevent or manage any unforeseen incident or emergency in our C-CBM supply operations to protect to our equipment, installations, assets etc.”

EOGEPL’s association with BGCL, which is a JV company of GAIL & GCGSCL, GoWB, commenced in January this year with the supply of Compressed Coal Bed Methane (C-CBM) through cascade trucks for its CNG stations in Kolkata. Through this association, the Green Energy (CBM gas) extracted from the coal seams of Ranigunj Block of EOGEPL is being supplied to the capital city of West Bengal to be used as clean transport fuel in vehicles thus making the journey of Kolkata towards a pollution free city to live.