Delivering performance with safety under the ‘new normal’

As the nation gets into the unlock mode, we all are redefining operations under the ‘new normal’, where we ensure normal functioning, but with stringent safety norms against the pandemic. At all rig sites of OGD Services Limited (Essar’s foray into Oil & Gas Drilling services), stringent safety procedures have been put in place to ensure that the nation’s energy requirements continue to be fulfilled with utmost efficiency, and without compromising on employee health. Here’s a quick look at how OGD is ensuring a safe work environment, be it initiatives on health, sanitisation drives, social distance, community outreach or wellbeing.


Frequent health checks and temperature screening

Regular health check-ups and self-assessment questionnaires are carried out by the Rig Medic for all the rig crew, including third party crew. Temperature screening is done for crew members twice daily. i.e., before entry to the rig site and after completion of the job.

Emergency room facility at sites

Emergency rooms have been commissioned away from accommodation. This room is fully equipped with an Oxygen set, suction machine, thermometer, pulse oximeter and PPE for health workers. In the unfortunate event of any possible infection detected at site, this room will help in safe quarantine and recovery

Pandemic mock drills

Our crew conducts regular mock drills as a part of the pandemic emergency preparedness plan. The mock drill is followed by debriefing by the Drilling Superintendent (DS) and a training program with the stretcher team and search team. Through the mock drill, rig site medics and crew are prepared to ensure safety of crew if a situation arises where an infected person is detected on site.


Indigenously developed sanitiser

Utilising in-house expertise and natural disinfectants, we developed homemade sanitisers. The ingredients had extracts from Neem & Tulsi leaves, Camphor, Alum & 70% alcohol-based medical spirit. The sanitisers that were prepared have been distributed amongst all crew, including third party workers on site.

Sanitisation of rig equipment and hand wash facilities at rig site

Sanitising of all the rig equipment, along with handling tools, is conducted twice a day. Touch free hand wash and foot-paddle type wash basin has been placed at the entrance to the rig Site, and to the crew-mess.

Hygiene and sanitization of common facilities

We are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to keeping spaces, frequented by crew, completely sanitised. Regular cleaning is done for all handrails in the building, room handles, dining area, kitchen, etc. We ensure high standards of cleanliness, hygiene, and social distance inside enclosed spaces like the dining room, as well as spaces across all site facilities.

Fumigation and pest control of offices and accomodations.

Regular pest control and fumigation is carried out in all rooms, as well as the entire hotel campus. VIROFF- 753 chemical, which is classified as a non-hazardous chemical, is used as the disinfectant.


Sanitisation and social distancing at crew change vehicles

Regular sanitisation is carried out for all the vehicles used for movement of crew, utility and transportation of food at the drill site and the base camp. Social distancing too is maintained while they travel in the crew change vehicles, ensuring that only 30-40% passenger capacity is utilised in the vehicles.

Maintaining social distance during operations

Social distancing is strictly followed by all the crew members. Tool box talk and pre-job safety meetings are conducted ensuring that the norms put in place for social distance are followed. To avoid enclosed spaces, meetings held in open air. Covid observers have been appointed to oversee any operation that involves two or more crew.


 Covid warriors from the rig

Essarites working on rig MR11 took upon themselves to take care of the marginalised sections of the society, in and around areas of their operation. The main objective was to not let the villagers suffer from hunger and sickness during these troubled times. The rig team coordinated with the local authorities and the Gram Panchayat Pramukh (village head) of nearby villages of Sadan, Siyari and Dumri to ease the distress of marginalised families and individuals during the lockdown. Locals who do not have a ration card to obtain essential commodities from the government’s public distribution system were supplied food rations and soaps. Funds were raised by the crew members which enabled them to distribute 200 kits of food grains and toiletries. Through such initiatives, our crew has successfully covered the needs of over 97% of the targeted population in the area.


Vegetable farming during force majeure

Businesses declare force majeure when unforeseeable and uncontrollable external circumstances make conducting usual business operations difficult. The Covid-lockdown were times when many businesses had to take such a step.

In the Oilfields Drilling Services sector, the lockdown also meant additional responsibility to keep employees engaged during such difficult times. This is important, especially to keep maintain the mental well-being of the crew. At OGD, innovative ways were taken up to do just that. One such instance was at the MR 11 rig in Gumia, Bokoro, where the crew effectively engaged in vegetable farming activities. Apart from providing chemical-free, nutrient rich vegetables to the crew members, which would also help boost immune system, the vegetable farming activity also helped in relieving stress and anxiety during the force majeure period. Vegetables like Okra, Pumpkin, Corn, Tomatoes etc. were grown, and now these veggies are ready to consume!

In addition to the vegetable farming initiative, the crew also involved themselves in productive and community-related activities like making indigenous hand sanitisers, food distribution to local marginalised communities, and sanitisation drives. We appreciate the crew’s resolve and zeal in these difficult times!