Essar Foundation celebrates this Diwali by empowering women

This Diwali, Essar Foundation celebrates the #BharatKiLaxmi movement by illuminating the spirit of women entrepreneurship and empowerment. ‘The Great Essar Flea Bazaar’ was organised at Essar House, Mumbai, where Essarites welcomed NGOs and Self Help Groups, viz. women-led, to exhibit their Diwali-special merchandise. The bazaar displayed an array of Diwali savouries, decorations and clothing which were lapped up by everyone who visited. Not only were the purchases contributing to the festive celebrations, every penny spent was also an investment into empowering and enriching the NGOs to further their noble initiatives.

This season’s flea bazaar hosted Mai Bal Bhavan, Creative Handicrafts, Kanchan Arts & Crafts Studio, Centre for Social Action, Apeksha Bachat Gat, Nuzhat Innovations, Akar Samajik Sanstha, Cooked by Moms, Monza Bags, Visan Trust and Ira Gurukul Educational Trust. Living up to Essar Foundation’s motto of ‘Together for Progress… Together WE Progress’, it was heartwarming to experience the camaraderie between NGO reps who joined hands in community service. We hope our combined efforts this Diwali helps spread the light of empowerment and happiness to all!

Happy Diwali everyone!