CSR ACTIVITIES: EBTL revamps a school established by Gandhi Ji

A sound mind in a sound body. The same is true for education also. For imparting quality education, there is a need for a conducive environment both for teachers and students. The environment refers to quality infrastructure and pedagogy.

If we give a birds-eye view to education status, the common challenge is the access to quality infrastructure. Taking multiple classes in one room was, and still is, a common feature. The same was witnessed in Kasturba Sevashram School at Maroli District Navsari.

The school with over 250 students and teachers were facing day-to-day problems with depleted infrastructure and facilities. That had led to delivering poor quality education and declining motivation in teachers. It also affected the attendance rate, especially of girls due to lack of proper sanitation facilities.

To address these school infrastructure related challenges, Essar Bulk Terminal Limited (EBTL) undertook the renovation of the boy’s hostel where 80 students were staying. Our Chief Financial Officer, Deepak Berry, inaugurated this renovated building on June 6, 2020.

“Essar Bulk Terminal Ltd always focuses on visionary projects for the upliftment of the society by providing support to the needy. The Kasturba Seva Ashram is a historic place started by Mahatma Gandhi in the year 1930. Currently, it is managed by a Trust.

On their request, we took over the project for the complete renovation of the residential block for the students. During my visit to the Ashram for the inauguration of the building, I met the Trustees and Principal of the School and found that they are doing their best to meet the needs of students.” Deepak Berry, CFO, EBTL.

We anticipate that the contribution and efforts of the company will lead to a better attendance and learning, and reinforce motivation amongst the teachers and the students.