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Learning @ Essar

We have been awarded multiple international accolades for our learning practices including the ‘Learning in Practice Award’ and ‘The Learning Elite Award’ by Chief Learning Officer magazine. We were the only Indian organisation to merit this distinction.

Essar’s Learning Philosophy

Our guiding philosophy makes learning the intrinsic responsibility of individual employees, not a top-down initiative fuelled by management directive alone. In line with our “Total Rewards” approach, we offer both transactional and relational rewards to our employees. While transactional rewards emanate from the contractual agreement of employment, the relational rewards bear testimony to the employee’s emotional involvement and personal stake in the welfare and prosperity of the organisation.

Essar is committed to an environment of coaching and mentoring that transforms the employee’s contractual obligation into an emotional engagement, further nuanced with continuous learning and development. We promise Essarites a unique Essar experience that they would value and cherish throughout their career with us, and beyond.

The Essar Group was one of the earliest adopters of technology for automating Business/ HR Practices by being one of the first implementors of SAP in the early 90s. It recently became the first Asian conglomerate to implement all 10 modules of SuccessFactors (having earlier implemented Performance Management, Goal Management, Employee Profile, Career Development and Planning and Succession Management). It has received multiple laurels, including the prestigious Learning Elite Awards (CLO USA), Best Project Implementation Award (SAP-SuccessFactors) and the SAP Ace Award for its SuccessFactors implementation which is globally recognised as a best practice by SAP.

1 Performance and Goal Management: Essarites can use SuccessFactors’ cutting-edge functionalities to create goals, cascade and align goals, view the Annual Business Plan, conduct reviews and provide developmental inputs all at a click of a button!
2 Career Development and Planning and LMS: Essarites can assign world-class, cutting-edge e-modules and continuing education options (Coursera) to address Development Gaps identified during Performance Reviews to actualise their potential. It is a one-stop shop for employees to bridge observed Gaps and learn at their ‘own pace’ with over 1,000+ customised learning resources available on the world-class Learning+ Platform.
3 Succession Planning: Leaders across Essar actively leverage SuccessFactors functionalities to identify Key Critical Positions, segment Talent according to the 3×3 Performance Potential Matrix and identify Successors–all at a click of a button!
4 Social Learning: Essar’s world-class Social Learning Platform, which enables knowledge sharing and collaboration by allowing the employee to create blogs, Wikis, discussion groups, use decision tools, conduct polls and surveys and learn from best practices across geographies and Essar businesses.
5 Compensation Planning: The entire Compensation Planning and Restructuring Process, including disbursement of Annual Performance Linked Incentives, is conducted online and therefore offers a transparent mechanism for allocating Rewards across talent segments.
6 Recruitment and Onboarding: The entire recruitment cycle is effectively executed using the using the SuccessFactors functionalities.
7 Next Moves: Internal postings as part of the Next Moves process helps employees leverage the scale of the Essar Group and apply for permanent/ short-term stints in other Essar Businesses.
8 Innovation and Business Excellence: Essar is committed to innovation and excellence in business operations and the ESBE/ SteelSmart Portal helps Essar employees (in the Steel Business Group) share their insights and ideas, which are in turn evaluated by a technical board and applied (on merit).
9 Essar Expertise Locator: Allows Essarites to book coaching slots with senior leaders on a particular theme of interest all at a single click of a button.
10 Employee Central: Employee Central is Essar’s world-class HRIS platform, which is the repository for all data and employment information across locations. This forms the bedrock for each of SuccessFactors’ individual modules and is maintained by a dedicated group of central and business sdministrators.

Essar Corporate University (ECU) is a virtual learning organisation built upon a varied spectrum of programmes to enrich continuous learning for Essarites, covering technical, functional and managerial competencies. It was launched in January 2010, with the 18-month Management Education Programme for middle management high performers, in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIM-A), consistently ranked the best B-School in the country. The following interventions are the most prominent among the various offerings provided by Essar Corporate University:

1 Managerial Capability Programmes: Offered in association with leading business schools to build general management capabilities in high performing technocrats. Essar has in the past delivered high-impact managerial capability (leadership development) programmes in collaboration with IIM Ahmedabad, XLRI Jamshedpur and Indian School of Business, Hyderabad.
2 MTech (Research) Programme: This research-based Masters in Technology programme was offered by the Essar Corporate University in partnership with Sardar Vallabbhai National Institute of Technology (SVNIT), Surat, one of the premier engineering schools in the country. With specialisations offered in Mechanical and Electrical streams, both critical to a predominantly engineering-based conglomerate, such as Essar, this programme holds the potential of bringing in cutting-edge technology processes and practices for different group businesses.
3 Integrated Leadership Development Programme (ILDP) for Essar Businesses: These are focused leadership development programmes for business leadership teams (CEO and direct team), centred on key themes identified with the CEO, directly impacting leadership effectiveness and business performance.

Essar Learning Systems (ELS) is an evolved variant of the traditional ‘Training & Development’ department> It offers structured and professional learning solutions and consultancy to group businesses by leveraging a deep understanding of the different businesses, seasoned learning expertise, synergies of scale and an excellent learning partner network base. Essar Learning Systems follow the Six Disciplines approach for ensuring effective learning transfer and delivers a high-impact calendar of technical, functional and behavioural programmes.

Learning Fest
Essar nurtures a learning culture–one that encourages knowledge inquiry and knowledge sharing, and invests in building functional capability. As part of this dedicated effort to promote a culture of learning among all Essarites, Essar celebrates the annual Learn Fest–a week devoted to innovative and engaged learning with a focus on behavioural sciences, neurosciences, and functional and life skills.

“I am delighted to have participated in Learning Fest 2016. The sessions energised me and helped me align my thoughts to concentrate on my goals (professional, as well as personal). All the sessions were chosen thoughtfully and the trainers delivered some greatly impactful sessions. It is wonderful to know that the Essar Management encourages employees to enhance their learning curve by helping them develop adequate skills.”
Ramswaroop Jhajhariya | Essar Infrastructure Services Pvt Ltd

“The session on ‘Unveil the Secret- How your attitude defines your success’ at Learning Fest was highly impactful in understanding and applying the right attitude to set path on the way to success. It was filled with a lot of analogies and parallels between intangible concepts and tangible results to further assist us in grasping the theory more firmly. Overall, the session addresses the methods of achieving success, not only professionally but also personally. I believe it is a great value-add for everyone.’
Rutesh Chavda | Essar Services India Private Limited

“The Mind Mapping session conducted at Learning Fest gave insights on the processes of lateral thinking whereby a multi-dimensional approach is used to arrive at any conclusion or decision with regard to a complex issue. The session encouraged participants to overcome their inhibitions and think with a holistic perspective. I look forward to imbibing learnings from the session to my work-life. A great learning initiative!”
Surendra Jagtap | Essar Projects India

This Academy offers a specially designed 2-year Application Engineering Bridge programme for Diploma Engineer Trainees (DETs), structured in tandem with the requirements of various businesses. Our academy in Hazira is responsible for on-boarding and nurturing the engineering talent pivotal to the sustained growth of our businesses. Separate programmes are run for graduate engineers and diploma engineers recruited from leading schools across the country, and specially designed to ensure a smooth transition from campus to corporate life. This is inspired by the vision of the Group Chairman and patriarch Shri. Shashi Ruia, who has been an advocate for nurturing and honing young talent.

Essar Steel Academy
The Essar Academy for Steel has been established to develop a distinctive breed of ‘Essar Engineers’ by providing application engineering inputs to enable them to take up technical leadership roles early in their careers. The Essar Academy of Steel offers a two-year, full-time, residential application engineering programme for diploma engineers hired through our campus recruitment programmes.

The Top Leadership Development Programme (TLDP), delivered in association with the Indian School of Business, was attended by over 300 CXOs from across Essar and continued for a period of 18 months. The modules covered, which included Value Analysis for Value Creation, Execution of Strategies, Managing Change, Negotiation and Entrepreneurship, were delivered by eminent faculty members and practitioners from across the globe. Learning transfer was reinforced through subsequent webinars and Knowledge THUNKS circulated post programme, and job-aids that were handed out to individual participants. Each leader also underwent psychometric assessments, which culminated in an individual development plan and an individual development dialogue with an eminent coach/consultant from the industry.

The Leadership Breakfast Series
“Knowledge is Power. Knowledge shared is power multiplied.” – Robert Noyce

The Leadership Breakfast Series is a fortnightly 90-minute session conducted by thought leaders and Essar leaders on new leadership ideas. A knowledge sharing platform, it offers a window to contemporary learning for leaders at Essar. Leaders gain insights as well as engage in conversations on a range of subjects–from leadership and business to taxation and Law. These sessions, held twice a month, have been developed keeping the agile learning culture at Essar active and with a keen focus on leadership development.

Learning+ (powered by SAP SuccessFactors) enables Essarites to design learning activities, access e-modules and Coursera Drive MOOC certifications–all at the click of a button, anytime, anywhere.

It is a one-stop shop offering details on all Learning & Development offerings at Essar, including upcoming L&D programmes, workshops, the quarterly calendar, and the Essar Expertise Locator among others. Gurukul carries information on forthcoming programmes, presentations, articles, e-groups, etc., under various heads, such as Performance Management, Coaching & Mentoring, the Cadre Programmes, etc., and is also the gateway to the learning management system for our employees.