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Engagement and Employeeship

We at Essar strongly believe that the employee – organization relationship is a two-way street. That is, both parties have an equal role to play in adding to the journey forward and making the experience mutually and meaningfully beneficial. To this extent, we invest in identifying and addressing key drivers of employee engagement such as career opportunities, learning, rewards and recognition and employee welfare, among others. In the same breath, our employees are expected to display fundamental employeeship behaviour of responsibility, loyalty and initiative. It is this mutual covenant that binds the Essar family, taking individual and organizational growth forward, together.

Our vision for human capital:
“emotionally Connecting people to +vely Engage in Value Creation”

Our engagement initiatives at Essar are designed around the philosophy of Engage for Success under two platforms : Essar-Beyond Work and Essar-Cares

Essar-Beyond Work
Essar-Beyond Work serves our endeavour to strive incessantly towards building a more participative, motivated, enthusiastic culture at Essar. It is an attempt towards increasing the “happiness & satisfaction quotient” at Essar and to capture the hearts and minds of employees/ families helping employees Re-live their passion at workplace.

With the objective of creating a socialization platform that helps Essarites bond, build camaraderie and break through silos and experience fun and joy at work and re-live their passion beyond work various initiatives have been designed around Hobby, Sports, Arts, Culture and Festivals.

In current times where we spend more time in office, what a delight it is to get a platform to RE- LIVE your passion in the office space itself. With the aim of re-living your passion and enhancing personal fulfilment, Essar -Beyond Work has launched various clubs such as:

  • Runner’s Club
  • Adventure Club
  • Photography Club
  • Food & Drinks Club
  • This forum helps you to:

Pursue an old hobby or learn a new hobby or interest and be creative
Open new lines of communication, Collaborate-Networking and meeting new colleagues
Challenge yourself & build Confidence for learning new things
Most importantly helps in relieving/ reducing negative stress
Festivals and other celebrations at Essar

Essar-Cares is an initiative under the Health and Wellness banner designed for providing/enabling employees to lead healthier and risk free lives. Offers a wide range of wellness initiatives for employees and families thus creating a HAPPY and HEALTHY ESSAR !

Some of the ongoing programs are:

Health talk organized on Managing Arthritis
Regular Yoga Workshops
Ergonomics session during World Health Day
Health Camp – BMI reports with consultation with nutritionists
Interactive session on Child Psychology
Celebrated World Tobacco Day – Health Talk and Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) camp
The essence of these programs is to encourage Essarites to take preventive measures to avert the onset or worsening of an illness or disease and to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Mighty Mascara
At Essar, Mighty Mascara is a platform designed to share the story of secrets, second chances, stories of triumph and the hidden connections that unite our lives. It promises to comprehend amazing untold tales that will grip with its emotional power and mesmerize with its magic!

It aims to shed away the inhibitions and share with the world the story of strength, courage, as every woman has a story to share and every story is inspirational.